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What Once Was Not Fresh is Now Still Entirely Unfresh!

October 9, 2009

The 90s sure were swell, but we need to move on with our lives. There is retrospective consensus that the Spin Doctors  suck terribly. You can’t play with Tamagotchi forever. Don’t be sad when DJs don’t follow “Rump Shaker” with “Woot! There It Is!” In a page turning set-back, MRI Starch Communications declared in AdAge that the best ad of summer 2009 is a ‘got milk’ ad.

The kind where a celebrity lip is covered with milk. 

Compounding the confusion is that the featured ‘celebrity’ could pass as ’90s B-listers Jennifer Tilly, Mary Lou  pre=”Lou “>Retton, or plausibly Sean Young. Adlulz must be stuck in some kind of space-time continuum. In the dimension we’re from, this was Best Of in 1995. Help me, people from the future-past!

This Ad Is Best Viewed in Netscape 1.0

This Ad Is Best Viewed in Netscape 1.0

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  1. November 2, 2009 8:35 pm

    Hi, I like that picture. I watch this woman all the time in Lifestyle TV.

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