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Teens Supes Keen on Ad Censorship

September 14, 2009

In the midst of a slow news day, consisting entirely of Kanye West VMA backlash tweets, comes detail on some very strange poll results and a deliciously hi-res gross out ad from the Health Dept. of New York.

pour some sugar on me

pour some sugar on me

According to the results of a recent Adweek/Harris poll, it’s the Nanny State mentality -not awesome TV- that has infected our nations youth.

Taking Aim (or Not) at ‘Junk-Food’ Ads

September 14 NEW YORK Though Americans’ appetite for “junk food” seems robust as ever, this doesn’t mean they’re happy to consume ads for such products.In an AdweekMedia/Harris Poll fielded in July, one-third of respondents said the feds should regulate (26 percent) or ban (8 percent) advertising for junk food, defined as including the likes of fast food, candy and soda. Forty-five percent said the government shouldn’t do anything about such advertising, and the rest were unsure.

Respondents age 18-34 were especially keen on such intervention, with 33 percent favoring regulation and 8 percent a ban on junk-food ads…

The 18 – 34 age demo, previously thought to be totally rad, has had enough of these zany burger ads. R.I.P. Little Lad.

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