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Design my flavor or die tryin’

September 10, 2009
Mr. Cent is all up in your social media

Mr. Cent is all up in your social media

Vitaminwater added to the pool of regrettable facebook timesucks with the launch of a new a facebook application in which spammers (?) fbook friends (?) compete to create an energy drink and win a $5,000 prize. We trust the wisdom of crowds when it comes to political or financial outcomes, but handing over your fragmented flavor rotisserie to teh internets is a recipe for disaster. Does the world need another MangoBerry-CranMint-Guarana Fusion? Please add a splash of maltodextrin , L-carnitine or Polysorbate-80 for that extra kick. And in the strangest union since Soon-Yi & Woody or maybe Demi & Ashton, Carrie Underwood and celebrity bullet magnet 50-cent will be judging the entries. Adlulz suggests that Flavor Flav, a respected authority on both hype and flavor, should be partnered with country icon Dolly Parton for FlavaCreator 2.0. According to social networking marketing Dos & Don’ts, the downside for Vitaminwater is minimal. Our course, this is ripe for shenanigans by internet saboteurs 4chan to pick something crazy like ……. Lemon-lime?

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